Pergolas & Garden Features

Pergolas add beauty to your home. Elegantly designed, these can easily grab the attention of guests. Home Style Creations provides aesthetic and long lasting pergolas. Whether you are looking for one with a Mediterranean feel or one with a romantic touch, we can provide it for you. You can never go wrong with our wide selection of pergolas in Perth.

We offer Perth Pergolas that can bring the comfort of indoors outside. With our pergola, your garden and al fresco entertaining area will become more cosy and intimate. Go ahead and invite friends. Hang out under beautiful pergolas and have a few drinks. Our pergola in Perth is suitable for any occasion. You can even ask us to make one with dreamy, romantic, and whimsical design— perfect for a wedding.

Here are some advantages of having a Pergola:

Adds value to your home

Pergolas can add value to your property. We build pergolas that match the theme of your home. Whether you choose to place them on the front yard or back, we make sure they can withstand outside elements and will last for a long time.

Add Interest to a Garden Path

Our pergolas in Perth can enhance the look of your garden to make it an inviting area where you can spend relaxing times. Our pergolas are also sound structures that are good for climbing plants.

Improve the Look of your Home

We provide pergolas with visually pleasing features. We make sure they are enticing— guests will be eager to know where you got it. It gives your outdoor space shade and extends amount of usable space in your property.

Naturally, the pergola design will depend on its function. Narrow pergolas stress direction and are good for paths and walkways. Entertaining areas, however, should be wide and long. This allows traffic flow around furniture and ornamental features. We suggest incorporating fixed seating under the structure or screening panels to create interest.