Council Approval

Building licence

Before we can commence the construction of your brand new Patio Homestyle Creation will have to apply for a building licence from your local council. To make the process faster please ensure you have a copy of the site plan showing the location of house and boundaries minimum scale 1/200.

Development application

A development application is required if you intend your patio to have a reduced boundary setback. Any structure up to 8 meters long requires a 1 meter setback from boundary above 8 meters requires a 1.5 meter setback from boundary. With the affected neighbours signature these setbacks can generally be halved.

Every council varies with the time it takes them to approve and grant the license to commence construction, the average approval time is 5 weeks

10 years in the industry

Structure types patios Gable-Flat-dome-pyramid- custom design

Other works done Guttering and downpipes fencing and gates